Gilbert talking on TEDx GreatWall

Nearly on The Great Wall

On 2 June 2012, I introduced my book TOXIC CAPITALISM: Gilbert talking on TEDx GreatWall, next to the Great Wall.

Living in China I became alarmed by the dramatic pollution levels and the impact of “Toxic Capitalism”, an unwelcome strain of capitalism that thrives on overconsumption and indiscriminate wastage, promoted by the West with the help of questionable companies, financial institutions and governments.

China, as Factory of the World, is facing depletion of resources and roams the world to satisfy its voracious appetite for energy, raw materials, and food. How serious is the environmental destruction? Is capitalism fundamentally wrong? How did we come to this madness, and what can we do to preserve the future of our children? The book covers concerns of the “99%” and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. Thanks to TEDxGreatWall for this great opportunity and the clip (on youtube)!

And then on The Great Wall

See here some of the pics, the audience, Gilbert talking and the evening party on the Great Wall. The event was great, some of the speakers were impressive but all were interesting. The atmosphere was cordial and relaxed. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge!

But I admit I was for once nervous like hell – it was my first ever public talk and I had to keep it to under 10 minutes.

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