Interview with China Daily Europe

Good job

It is always a challenge for a journalist to get the details correct of my rather complex past (and present). The journalist Meng Jing did a pretty good job for the interview with China Daily Europe and with the article, I am obviously overall happy, also with the word on “Toxic Capitalism”.

See the PDF version: 121116 Caught in the blame game
See the online version:

A few corrections:

– I did not obtain the soft loan for China’s Henan Pingdingshan power station project; the contract and the financing deal were the reason I was hired and sent to Beijing to open the rep office.
– I worked for Siemens in Brazil; in China I worked for Alcatel and Alstom.
– My trip to Brussels with the European Chamber of Commerce in Beijing was not to attend the 15th China-EU Summit in Brussels but to have meetings with the EU Commission; some of the Chamber people did attend the Summit.
– I have now stopped going to the “nightclubs” in the Gongti Strip and favor my KTV sessions…
– And my home office has three floors, not two.
Can’t blame much the journalist. Can be kind of confusing.

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