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26 November 2012
Dear Gilbert,
I picked up your book yesterday evening and could not put it down.
It is an insider’s guide to why we need to ‘make do and mend’ in China and beyond.
You have a wealth of experience on China unavailable to those who have not ‘lived’ their subject.
Your logical approach to this issues of environmental degradation are a welcome break from the mainstream hyperbole on the topic.
I will look for avenues to promote your book.
Kind regards,
Clare Pearson
Corporate Responsibility Manager (Asia) – DLA Piper

7 October 2012
Dear Gilbert,
I have just finished reading your book. The book is full of very interesting data (you must have a wonderful database). I have enjoyed it a lot. I agree with most of your premises, although I believe that i might be a bit difficult to change the behavior and attitude of government, corporations and people unless there isn’t a critical mass of people asking for products to be of more quality and durable. I was surprised to see (maybe because I didn’t think about it before) that electrical vehicles not necessary would be more environmentally friendly.
Xavier (European Chamber)

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