Toxic Capitalism: AmCham book talk

On 28 March I will finally introduce my book to the American Chamber. Good it is now for sale in The Bookworm! I must admit I am pretty nervous about the talk. People always assume “I talk so easily” but few realize what it takes…
AmCham’s own introduction:
Toxic Capitalism: Environmental Pressures from Excessive Consumption
You are invited to join AmCham China at a luncheon with Gilbert Van Kerckhove, who will discuss his recent book “Toxic Capitalism – The Orgy of Consumerism and Waste: Are We the Last Generation on Earth?”
China’s economic slowdown since the global financial crisis has led many economists to believe that only a fundamental shift in its economy will drive future growth. Less reliance on external factors like foreign investment and export driven growth, and a greater focus on internal ones–particularly domestic consumption–should result in a more sustainable growth model to guide the world’s second largest economy in the coming decades.
While these plans for rebalancing call for increased domestic consumption, the energy and resources necessary to fuel greater consumption for China’s population of 1.3 billion would likely put a great strain on the environment. Rising pollution levels and the impact of “toxic capitalism”- overconsumption and indiscriminate wastefulness – exacerbate the environmental problems that China already faces.
Gilbert Van Kerckhove, president and founder, Beijing Global Strategy Consulting

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