Book talk for Beijing Community Dinner (BCD)

On Saturday 1 June I had a different book talk: no PPT, no projector, just a free talk in a private room of a typical old Beijing style restaurant, hidden in a small alley close to Dongsi and the Art Museum.

It was organized by BCD, see their website:
The venue: Liu Zhai Shi Fu (刘宅食府): Restaurant in the House/Yard of Liu Family. See their website: and
At the occasion, “Crazy Bake bread” was also on sale, I just regret not buying more and getting the details: the bread was unanimously approved at home.
The private room ended up fully packed and more seats had to be brought in. Good public, many questions and – all the books I had brought were quickly sold.
Thanks to Grace for her pictures!
At the end of the dinner, RMB 1300 was raised for our Rotary Club of Beijing!
Can’t say much of the food: I was too busy talking!

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