Penguin Random House Merger Helps Author Solutions Exploit Writers

Read more about the well-known scam by AuthorHouse and their accomplices, all united under the Penguin family (where is Batman to help and fight the bad penguins???).
See what David writes plus the many comments of other deceived authors.
Authorhouse wanted me to buy a ” Google Display Ads at  £1,299.00″. I told them I did not see why I should promote my book as they never give me complete and clear sales reports. Complaining that AuthorHouse had not given me a comprehensive sales report over the past 3 trimesters except for their own website, and that they never detailed sales on Amazon (where friends have bought many copies as I know, printed and e-book), I got this reply from the AuthorHouse “lady”:
Thanks for your email. I appreciate it because in this way I can clarify everything to you because you simply don’t understand the nature of this business. How could you say those things when we were able to produced your book and distribute it to the online market. Your book is out there ready for purchase. It’s just not selling because you are not marketing it. People don’t know you, you are unknown, so how can you expect your book to sell and get royalties? You need to build your credibility first. There are investments involve in our services because we are using other parties resources to provide/give the services that our authors had paid for. We are under Penguin RandomHouse but we still operate as a self publishing company.
I may don’t have the right to question your knowledge and experience but I am confused if you really know what it takes to be a writer and be known.”
So, I am the stupid guy who does not know how to promote myself etc.
So, I now decided not to hold promotion of my book and think about something else. Why should I spend money for promotion if they pocket all proceeds? Royalties, you said? AuthorHouse hides them and then is incompetent enough not being able to make a bank payment.
Toxic Capitalism! Toxic Penguin!

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