Self-publishing in Rotary Beijing

Rotary lunch 29 January 2019

Rtn Gilbert told his story on self-publishing in Rotary Beijing on why and how he became an author, publishing two books: “Toxic Capitalism” and “Laugh And Get Wiser”.
The first book was done through a “Vanity Press Company”, a bad experience that led him to go “indie” and do self-publishing totally himself. That required mastering a software called “SCRIVENER” and enrolling as an author with Amazon. He shared the challenges he encountered and how he succeeded to self-publish on Kindle and in print.
It took him three extended stays in a nice hotel in Phuket to find the right and motivating environment. He explained the three very different roads to publishing: the traditional publishing companies, the vanity press and self-publishing (such as through Amazon, the giant in that field).

Our lunch

As usual in Kempinski hotel. As I complained the December birthday members never get the birthday cake, I was asked to cut it also… As we had only one table Gilbert simply sat down to talk.

The full story is featured on this website

During the lunch Gilbert only gave a quick overview. See the first of several posts:
There you find the full story in a series of posts.

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