De eeuw van Xi

Impressive book

Last year my friend Stefan Blommaert launched his book “De eeuw van Xi”.
He had asked me to review one chapter only ” Hoofdstuk 8 – Vervuiling en duurzaamheid”. I started reading and decided to review the entire book, sending him my remarks.
I was impressed with his analysis and comments on “China Today” as I would call it.

I am generally speaking cautious with books about China by journalists and so-called “sinologists”. I knew Stefan well as he was journalist in Beijing many years ago, working for Belgian media (VRT).
See one interview:

Belgian PM Charles Michel in the Embassy

The book is one of the few I can recommend; it is a balanced view on China and I can fully agree with his views.

I was happy to receive the printed copy, and one copy I gave to our Belgian ambassador Marc Vinck on 13 March 2019, in his name.

The book is in Dutch, for those who can read it, strongly recommended.

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